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The answers to all your questions are here*:

* - Well, those related to iZepto.com anyway.

Do you support iPhones?

Yes! We have built a native iPhone application. Just check for iZepto in the App Store in iTunes. We are in the Business Category.

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Can I use this and never pay for it?

If you have 3 users or less, then yes! For everyone else you get 60 days after you sign up to try iZepto and after that you will be charged on a monthly basis. You can see our pricing here. So sign up now and start getting iZepto'd!

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How do I keep up with what's going on?

We have a weblog where we regularly post updates on news, functionality and other stuff. Check it out at blog.izepto.com or subscribe to our RSS Feed.

We also have a Twitter account, where we announce things like upgrades and site outages. Just start following us by going to twitter.com/izepto.

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Is there a demo?

Yes! Just click the 'Try Me' button on the home page and you will be logged into the real system with a demonstration account. Try out how easy it is to create time entries, perform reporting and lots of other cool features.

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Where do I download the software?

There is no software to download! iZepto is a hosted solution. You just need to sign up, set up some data and start using it! Like Google Mail or other hosted solutions, your data is secure and private to you.

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